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Carefree Drive

About Us
I've worked in the field of Property Management  for 22 years.  I formed Anne Owens Rentals & Management in 2015.  I managed my own properties in addition to 35 other homes.  I decided to create my business while having my own Investment Property professionally managed.   I became disillusioned with the cookie cutter, rigid restraints of standard professional property management. So, an idea began to form about a better way of doing things.  I really wanted to have a personal AND  professional property management business that was welcoming and warm for everyone.  Relationships are an integral part of personal.  Listening was the first thing I learned to do. I often heard the motto of "My way or the highway" or "You cant speak to me, speak to my staff" mentality in property management. That works for one person and excludes the needs of the other person IN that relationship while charging you a fee!  So, needless to say, it didn't work well with my idea of finding a better way to work together to accomplish goals that benefit everyone.  Whether its my commitment not to take your client if you are a Realtor and refer a property to me, my payment of a referral fee for the property you refer OR it's my commitment that I will return your client to you when they are ready to sell, I stand by my promises and I put them in writing.  We must be doing something right--  we have grown from 35 properties to over 300 in less than 3 years.  For Owners, our commitment is that we are reachable, we are compassionate, AND we follow the Golden Rule of treating everyone as we want to be treated.  
 When I decided to walk away from anything that did not include kindness, caring, competence an attitude of gratitude AND  a commitment to ethical, honest dealings for all - it was the best decision of my life.  Things that I heard over and over from Owners were  "they don't show property after 5 or on the weekends", "they don't return my phone calls", "I've been waiting on an email for two weeks", "they won't provide invoices", "I don't understand my report", "I get these huge bills and I didn't even know there was a problem",  "I want to be consulted".  Another thing I discovered was that many property managers don't own rental property of their own.  That makes a difference!  I like to call it "skin in the game."  

And that is how the dream of Anne Owens Rentals & Management became a reality and the leaving of everything that did not support that dream was put in the rear view mirror!  Owners have unique needs and Anne Owens Rentals & Management assures that EXCELLENCE INCLUDES THEIR NEEDS!

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