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We are a full service property management company that also owns rental investment property.  At Anne Owens Rentals & Management we don't sell real estate.  Our specialty is property management.  We find the renter, collect the rent, coordinate/schedule repairs, conduct inspections, handle property reports, 1099 production, send you the check and manage your property just like our own!

Services 1:  Professional Property Management begins with......Availability
We own investment property so our idea of professional property management is a little different from our competitors.  Ive been managing property my whole real estate career.  And while experience is GREAT, being able to move and flex based upon your client's needs and the constant changes in this industry is imperative.   Dinosaurs became extinct because they couldn't adapt.....we thrive and grow because we can!   When you call Anne Owens Rentals & Management the Owner of the Company answers your call.  Not an Agent, not a Receptionist and not an answering service.  We work hard to assure that you have the personal service and communication you deserve.  Open lines of communication, flexibility  AND tenant selection are key to maintaining a successful property management business.  This means lower vacancy rates, reduced fees for Owner/Investors and a higher return on your investment.  The "my way or the highway" mentality is rigid and outdated.  Let us know how we can communicate with you.  Do you want 24/7 online access.... we've got you covered.  Electronic Funds Transfer of rental proceeds.....we've got you covered.  Do you prefer a report mailed, emailed, to print it yourself or a combination of all 3.....we've got you covered.  Personal Service starts when I answer the Phone.  At Anne Owens Rentals & Management its not about OUR way....its about YOU.
Services 2. Commitment to Our Clients


At Anne Owens Rentals & Management you wont find any hidden fees.  Transparency builds trust and hidden fees damages trust.  This means no mark-ups on invoices that we pay on your behalf.  The invoice we receive is the invoice we pay and you can have the REAL invoice for your records.  WE believe that it is a matter of ethics over profit margins.

At Anne Owens Rentals & Management we strive to be available.  No more calling and calling an Agent that doesn't return your call or answer your email.   WE are available by phone, by email, by text message or messenger.  Tell us how to communicate and we will customize our services to your needs.  Owning investment property is a personal choice and we want to make sure its a personal experience on the business side of property management.  If you have a question, contact us, we are available.

Services 3. Rental

Anne Owens Rentals & Management professionally manages property in Lexington, Frankfort, Georgetown, Nicholasville, Versailles & Winchester.  

Whether its a 4-Plex, a 6-Plex, A Duplex, or a Home you are looking to lease, we have a large variety of price ranges and sizes that suit your personal needs and your financial budget.

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