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Family First, Always

On April 6, 2016, I lost my mother to breast cancer.

It absolutely devastated our family and we all felt the dent it left in our lives immediately.

My mother was short in stature, not even 5', but had a heart twice as big. She had grown up poor. Her parents had eleven children to feed, clothe, provide for. She had six children, herself. She didn't have much to give us, but she gave us her all.

She was the matriarch of our family; we all called her for comfort, advice, and everything in between. She made the best dumplings and chocolate pie at Thanksgiving; more than that, she was the tie between us all, the one who brought us all together and insisted on keeping tradition alive. Since then, the holidays have never been the same.

My mother taught me a lot throughout my lifetime: She taught me integrity, honesty, and gave me my work ethic. She taught me that blood runs thick and that family is the most important thing in the world. I try to treat everyone like they are someone's family, because they ARE.

Whether it's my owners, my tenants, or even strangers on the street, I try to always speak compassion and honor into every conversation I have. I'm also extremely pragmatic, a side effect of growing up with so many brothers and sisters and not a lot of money to go around; you never have to worry that I won't find a reasonable price for repair work or anything else! Growing up poor taught me the value of a dollar. I will ensure that every repair I have done is done RIGHT and worthy of the payment.

Anne Owens Rentals and Management truly is different. It comes from a lifetime of hard work, of being raised right, and learning from mistakes (both my own and others' that I've dealt with in the past). I've worked in this industry a long time and I've played many different roles within it. I know what does and doesn't work. I've listened to feedback from vendors, owners, and tenants alike, and if there's one thing my mother taught me, it's how to solve problems!

Whether you're an owner looking for someone to manage your properties, or a tenant looking for your new home, trust that you will always deal with someone who is fair, compassionate, hard-working, loyal, accessible, and honest. After all, I was raised that way!

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