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The Code of Ethics and Property Management

We often get asked about hidden fees and upcharging our Owners on Invoices. Article 6 of the Realtors Code of Ethics covers this. As a Realtor/Property Manager we CANNOT add hidden fees such as handling fees to invoices WITHOUT the Owners knowledge and consent. In addition, a Property Manager MAY NOT charge this fee to the Vendor who then, in turn, would raise an Owners invoice. At Anne Owens Rentals & Management, whatever the Invoice is, that's what we pay. We believe that there are no gray areas when it comes to hidden add on fees designed to gleen more of an Owner/Investors proceeds. It is SO important to us that we put it in writing to you. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and acts like a duck ITS A DUCK and we believe our reputation for honest, ethical dealings with our clients is more important than lowering our high standards to deal openly., ethically and honestly with our clients.

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